Julius von jan. Julius by Jan

passed the second theological examination and took over the pastoral position in near in late summer.

" Complete Dictionary of Scientific Biography.

But those who come to the princes' houses and can still perform ordinances there are preachers of lies like the national enthusiasts in Jeremiah's time and can only call out "salvation" and "victory", but not preach the word of the Lord.

Nicole Marten: A penance sermon with consequences.

Erfahrungen und Lebenszeugnisse aus unserem Land.

Jugend und Kriegsteilnahme [ ] Julius von Jan wurde als viertes von sieben Kindern des Pfarrers Albert von Jan geboren.


A full account of Sachs' life and work was given by Professor Goebel, formerly his assistant, in Flora 1897 , of which an English translation appeared in Science Progress for 1898.

" He was originally supportive of but in his late career became bitterly opposed to it, instead preferring.

His natural science teacher, one Krober, showed a singular lack of foresight when he solemnly warned young Sachs against devoting himself to the natural sciences.

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Schnell wird aus Sympathie innige Zuneigung After his release at the end of May 1940, he worked for three years - he was declared unfit for military service - in various places in Bavaria
Shortly after the , Julius von Jan came into conflict with the National Socialist regime and joined the Confessing Church 1927 heiratete er Martha Munz, mit der er zwei Kinder hatte
I have included below, some quotations from his sermon, O Land, Land, Land: Hear the Word of the Lord! Pastor under National Socialism 1933 to 1938 In 1935 Julius von Jan took over the pastoral position in Oberlenningen at the foot of the and not far from his parents' house : Courageous Christians in the Nazi state
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