Kamera iphone 12 pro max. Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera review: Big and beautiful

The Pros also come with stainless steel metal chassis, rather than aluminum. Mode beruntun• The iPhone 12 Pro Max achieves a score of 68 in our new Zoom metric, which combines the Wide and Tele scores. 06 inches diagonally actual viewable area is less. Both offer similarly good exposure, white balance, colors, and detail in this mode. htm dan. The larger sensor can collect more candlelight, the bigger pixel size keeps the grain smoother without sacrificing detail, and the sensor-shift OIS keeps the image sharp despite my handheld camera shake. Es will ein iPhone sein, das es dir erlaubt, deine Erinnerungen festzuhalten — zu jeder Tages- und Nachtzeit, in ansprechenden Fotos und Videos, die du gerne jedem zeigst. See and for more information. Jika diukur sebagai persegi standar, layarnya berukuran 6,68 inci secara diagonal area bidang layar berukuran lebih kecil. Aber ich fotografiere da lieber mit meiner EOS 70D oder der Sony A7.
Big phone, big battery, big battery life But the size allows for what I think is easily the best and most capable smartphone camera on the market right now, and a battery that seems to last forever
You must be at least 18 years old to be eligible to trade in for credit or for an Apple Gift Card Penyelarasan dengan Mac atau PC memerlukan:• Mann did the same thing with the iPhone 12 Pro, explaining the main differences between the two Pro models, complete with plenty of camera samples
pdf Preview and Adobe Acrobat ; Digital zoom up to 6x iPhone 12 Pro• Lichter und Schatten automatisch verfeinern und so Details in sehr hellen und sehr dunklen Bereichen herausarbeiten
Rates as of April 1, 2020 Slo-mo video support for 1080p at 120 fps• Back Tap Viewable document types
Size and weight vary by configuration and manufacturing process A standard configuration uses approximately 11GB to 14GB of space including iOS and preinstalled apps depending on the model and settings
Animoji dan Memoji• So: a longer zoom that can pick up less light These partnerships do not influence our editorial content
iPhone 12 Pro• Color rendering can stumble in high dynamic range scenes, though, taking on an almost cartoonish look. Features include:• Untuk detail tentang dukungan 5G dan LTE, hubungi operator Anda dan lihat. And voila, a new ZIP archive file will be created that you can then easily share with others. Audio zoom• The phone balances and better than the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and texture preservation is very good, with the camera hanging onto detail even as light levels drop. Overall, when it comes to low light, it feels like no contest: the iPhone 12 Pro Max consistently took better, more detailed, and less noisy photos than the Pixel 5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. , Chinese Simplified, Traditional , French Belgium, Canada, France, Switzerland , German Austria, Germany, Switzerland , Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish Latin America, Mexico, Spain , Arabic Modern Standard, Najdi , Cantonese Traditional , Dutch, Hindi Devanagari, Latin , Portuguese Brazil, Portugal , Russian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese QuickType keyboard support with multilingual input English U.