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- Wahrung und Verteidigung unserer Rechte Rechtsgrundlage: Berechtigtes Interesse unsererseits an Geltendmachung und Verteidigung unserer Rechte. It is a great tool and can already see many situations where I will need it. I've had it kick back once and hit my work trousers, some safety mechanism kicked in and stopped the tool almost instantly, didn even leave a mark on the trousers although they are dickies workwear, so harder wearing than day to day clothes Couldn't recommend more highly although i think they've updated the range so make sure you get the newest version as i dont think he model number has changed. 000 - 35. LED Light for more visibility in dark conditions• As expected this is superb, top quality and quite powerful for a 12 volt cordless tool.
Professional 12 V System; compact performance; maximum freedom; all of Bosch Professional's batteries are compatible with new and existing Bosch Professional tools in the same voltage class. weitere Daten auf freiwilliger Basis. This is the website of the professional blue power tools from Bosch — for trade and industry professionals. I was primed to buy a cordless dremel but as i have some other 10. Der Versand erfolgt lediglich innerhalb Deutschlands. Zur Geltendmachung Ihrer Rechte verwenden Sie folgenden Link:. The only really bad thing about my dremel was the cord, when using a high speed cutting tool and trying to get around or inside something the last thing you want is a cable getting caught on something and jerking the tool.