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You can find all the details on data protection on the page linked at the bottom of this web page. In addition, these mechanisms enable us to ensure that we use the right amount of advertising. Evaluations are only ever possible on an anonymised level. Portugal• Lithuania• Kiribati• Depending on the form of advertising, re- targeting mechanisms are used. shopify. Northern Mariana Islands• French Polynesia• Guernsey• Lieferung Der Versand der Ware erfolgt innerhalb von 2 Werktagen nach Zahlungseingang. html? Norway• For the analysis of this data we work with efficient tools such as the Google Tag Manager, the web analysis tool Google Analytics as well as the retargeting software from Criteo, which enable us to constantly optimise our service for you. We use standard market mechanisms to control our external advertising.

Similar to postal advertising, it is important to us that we only contact customers who are interested in our services.

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Personalisation also comes through analyzing and predicting aspects concerning your interests, preferences, behavior etc.

Saint Kitts and Nevis• We tailor our entire website, as well as external advertising, to your personal needs.

Taiwan• Spain• Poland• Indonesia• Spain• Either you want to use all functions to their full extent, or you limit the modern technologies to a minimum with the Basic Functions option.

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png? These providers are required to pass on your data to the authorities there.

Bahrain• Ecuador• Similar to postal advertising, it is important to us that we only contact customers who are interested in our services.

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Andorra• We use standard market mechanisms to control our external advertising Uruguay• Ireland• png? All of the collection is unisex men and women and universal
1 Buchst 2 Wir speichern die eingegebenen Zahlungsdaten nicht, jedoch ggf
An die Stelle der unwirksamen Punkte treten die gesetzlichen Vorschriften If you have chosen to receive promotion through SMS, then we use your phone number to be able to communicate with you
We use target group definitions on the basis of general demographic details, behaviour, interests and connections To do so we will match your contact details for instance email address with the social media platform such as Facebook, Google, Snapchat etc
Serbia• et Cie, S Some models are available with prescription lenses for presbyopia
Belgium• Slovakia• Wir senden Ihnen jedoch nach Kaufabschluss eine Abschrift des Vertragstextes per E-Mail zu 6 Abs
A maximum of transparency in the use of these technologies is particularly important to us Thus, we achieve a much more user-friendly shopping experience for you
Mongolia• You have three options for consent withdrawal; Follow the instructions in each email, Edit the settings in your Brand account Or Contact "Customer Service" at Czech Republic• Hungary• Palau• United Kingdom No country selected Choose country
png? You can access them every time you log into your customer account and use them for a convenient shopping experience Data security: the choice is yours Data security is very important to us; therefore we work exclusively with established and trusted partners