Msn. Ukrainian Boeing 737 crashes near Iran’s capital, killing 176; most on board were bound for Canada

Pick your computer opponent's difficulty and jump in! The app was discontinued in September 2015 but can still be accessed via the web The plane, en route to the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, was carrying 167 passengers and nine crew members from several countries, including 82 Iranians, at least 63 Canadians and 11 Ukrainians, according to officials
Sports also allows the user to view slideshows and photo galleries, look up information about individual players and , and set and track their favorite teams by selecting various topics from the hamburger menu More new features included 'Flip Ahead', which allowed users to swipe from one article to the next
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Other websites since divested by Microsoft include the travel website , the online magazine , and the local event and city search website. There are currently four apps in the suite: News, Weather, Sports, and Money. The lawmaker spoke on condition of anonymity. The 737-800s have been the subject of inspections and repairs since last year, after airlines started reporting cracks in a part that keeps the wings attached to the fuselage. A FlyDubai crash in Russia in 2016 killed 62 people, and an Air India Express disaster in India in 2010 left more than 150 dead.
In 2012, Microsoft began to phase out the Windows Live brand, referring to each service separately by its individual brand name without any 'Windows' prefix or association The synchronization was dropped when the apps were rebuilt for
The flag over Parliament in Ottawa was lowered to half-staff, and Trudeau vowed to get to the bottom of the disaster It also powers various predictive features within Microsoft's
As for the Boeing 737-800 model that went down, thousands of the twin-engine jetliners introduced in the late 1990s are in use around the world, and it has one of the best safety records among popular airliners In 2009, there were allegations that Bing Travel had copied its layouts from ; Microsoft denied the allegations
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Ukrainian officials, for their part, initially agreed that the 3½-year-old plane was brought down by mechanical trouble but later backed away from that and declined to offer a cause while the investigation is going on The new name was introduced one service at a time