Der ballon film. The White Balloon

The balloon follows Pascal through the streets of Paris, and they draw a lot of attention and envy from other children as they wander the streets. You don't need a hundred million dollars to make a great movie and this is a fine example. French singer and his brother play the twin brothers who appear at the end of the movie, wearing red coats. His son, Pascal, plays himself in the main role, and his daughter, Sabine, portrays a little girl. Or earlier when one characters asks where he is escaping to this summer with a reference to their flight, but all he meant was escaping to which country for the holidays away from the stress. As Pascal and the balloon wander around the neighborhood, a gang of older boys, who are envious of the balloon, steal it while Pascal is inside a bakery; however, he manages to retrieve it. The group attaches a piece of gum to one end of the balloon stick, and with it, they reach down through the grate and pull the money out. The film won numerous awards, including an for Lamorisse for writing the in 1956 and the at the. If you want to enjoy a fantastic timeless real story about courage, creativity and brotherhood, go and see this movie. Endlich: Michael Bully Herbig macht mal einen ernsthaften Film.