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A Harvard professor may be a nobel prize winner, but unless he can effectively communicate his research to the media and the public, he will not be perceived as an expert Customer Centers of Expertise Customer COEs act as collaboration hubs across IT and Lines of Business in their companies
So at ExpertFile, we feel that a balanced representation of both academics and practitioners at every level is crucial for creating a balanced marketplace of experts that is a valuable resource for all our users Nursing homes as places of long-term care that are required to deal with illness in the late and final stages of chronic illness or at the end of life will need sufficient and appropriately trained staff as well as greater networking between organisational concepts and personnel development
Prerequisite: 13
] the integration of the existing portfolio into Vivico has already been completed and the realisation of the platform under company law was concluded as of the end of the quarter You can only choose to use this feat when you declare that you are making an attack or a full-attack action with a melee weapon
Supported by the Global User Groups organization, these independent, not-for-profit groups educate members, facilitate customer involvement, and influence SAP strategy If a reporter is writing a story about the mountains of Pluto, then an astronomer who has dedicated their lives to the study of extra-Neptunian objects is a perfect choice

the result is a powerful platform that is working, on the one hand, on a wealth of extremely attractive projects that are the subject of considerable attention, but, on the other hand, is also ideally equipped to meet future challenges and ambitious projects.

This ability to tell stories transcends experience, or credentials.

This would do our users a great disservice by removing those voices with a perspectives gained from practical experience.


Please contact the Customer COE Program and request to be invited for the Community.

Value Maps empower you to build up digital proficiency and prepare your IT landscape for innovation.

The Customer COE Community Suite provides real added values for certified Customer COE s only.

A lot of our clients are higher education institutions who are seeking to promote their academics.

For example, a senior engineer at Google with extensive media experience would obviously be a tier A source for explaining the science behind contemporary web search engines, despite potentially having no university education in computer science! The internationalization of the group bears the risk that a high level of cash and cash equivalents is required, apart from the high level of staffing, to activate newly founded companies or sites During the initial stages, these funds cannot be fully covered by the organic earnings of the branch This risk is met by a transparent organization in connection with an unambiguous allocation of responsibilities, constant dialog with the local organization, training sessions on work procedures [.

] in conclusion, let me state the following: if the Directorate General states in its publication of April 2006: "Security of the delivery chain: the role of European customs in the fight against terrorism", that the customs administrations of the member states play an important role in the fight against cross-border crime and terrorism, and that t h e expertise o f customs in the area of goods controls, supported by the use of state-of-the-art information and communication technologies as well as efficient risk assessment, are indispensable in order to detect illegal goods like drugs, explosives or nuclear and chemical weapons, then there is nothing left to be added to this in principle.