Corona warn app niedriges risiko. RKI: Outdated app risk screenshots · Issue #1026 · corona

The screen-shots however have not been updated. So for me, two things need to be done for this issue:• Change or add additional text that makes the status more clear in this situiation. With an upcoming update, we will provide further explanations to help you better understand the risk encounters displayed. In case of a red warning the app shows how many days ago the last contact was at least on. In your example there is 0 "Risiko-Begegnung", whereas there is a number of users, that now have 1 "Risiko-Begegnung", but still are "green". We would be pleased if you continue to contribute with constructive feedback. So I would really like to have this any time soon as a live feature as I couldn't find any way to access the apps data without rooting my phone or delete the app and the data in the process.
Sie sollten aber die geltenden Abstandsregelungen und Hygiene-Empfehlungen strikt befolgen. " Thanks a lot, that is what I meant. After weighing up all arguments and in coordination with the Federal Ministry of Health, the RKI has decided to keep the two-level risk display green and red. The distance is calculated from the measured reduction in strength of the Bluetooth signal, which is specified in dB decibel. Internal Tracking ID: EXPOSUREAPP-2055, EXPOSUREAPP-1971 Very good to know that it is possible to see this. Best regards, SG Corona-Warn-App Open Source Team Hi, Does this mean there will be no more information such as date of contact for green contacts? For example if I pass by a person in the street who gets a positive test: will I get informed about this as an encounter with low Risk? Thanks Please show Date and Time of later on announced risk contacts, even if this leads to still having a green status. This is a pity as I am now considering to remove the app as it is not helping but only worrying. In the next step, the app analyzes all the matching rolling proximity identifiers for each diagnosis key, to estimate how long the exposure lasted in total on the day in question and how close the smartphones were to each other on average during the exposure. The users that are not deleting the app after such a strange and useless warning I already know some users , will anyhow just ignore it. Why are there two different FAQs anyway? Showing the day of the encounter would give people more security.