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Of all the emotions Dooku should have felt in that moment, surprise was certainly not one of them 7 Why Doesn't He Reveal Palpatine's Identity To Obi-Wan? Burton had previously voiced Dooku in the 2003 micro-series , and went on to voice him in most of his video game appearances; most recently, 2017
Just as Dooku is about to escape, his old Jedi Master, , arrives and duels him After capturing Obi-Wan on Geonosis, Dooku tells him that he is attempting to save the Republic, explaining that thousands of senators are under the influence of a Sith Lord named
In 's , Dooku attempts to trap Yoda by offering to negotiate an end to the Clone Wars One of the main of the , he appears in both 2002 and 2005 , played by , as well as associated media, such as , , , and
He was greatly angered by the unwillingness of the Jedi Council to aid oppressed worlds and systems on , a Star Wars wiki• He uses this to his advantage in battle when his opponents see his calm emotionless face it intimidates them and make them fight sloppier
10 His Initial Fall Dooku was a loyal and wise member of the Jedi Order, eventually rising to the rank of Master With it, he was a deadly duelist
com Databank• Eventually, Dooku becomes a Jedi Knight, trains two Padawans to knighthood, and joins the Jedi Council, hoping to bring about real change in the Republic This revelation would have placed undue scrutiny on Palpatine, just as the final phase of his plan was taking shape
Count Dooku's introduction in Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones was a welcome addition to the franchise's character roster, and his portrayal by the iconic late actor Christopher Lee was music to the ears of many fans In the fourth season, Dooku defeats Anakin in three separate lightsaber duels, and gets his revenge on Ventress by having General Grievous order the systematic of the Nightsisters
Dooku formed the Confederacy of Independent Systems, which led the galaxy into the Clone Wars against the Jedi and the Republic When Anakin and Obi-Wan appear unexpectedly, Dooku believes that Yoda was trying to set him up to be captured, and renounces his former master once and for all
Later, the Jedi find a lightsaber belonging to deceased Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas—whom Dooku murdered years earlier—and start an investigation The New Essential Guide to Characters, 1st edition, 2002

Lee also voiced the character in the , but was replaced by in the.

After Ziro's agents deliver the Huttlet to the planet Teth, Dooku contacts Ziro again to arrange for his minion voiced by to take custody of Rotta.

It was the final catalyst Palpatine needed to oust his former apprentice, and make way for a new one.

He was thought of as a match for Yoda and was one of only two the other was Yoda beings capable of defeating in combat.

Vos initially intended to infiltrate the Separatists as a spy for the Jedi Council but instead nearly falls to the dark side.

The words "Do it" came from the Chancellor in the voice of Darth Sidious and Dooku, in his last moments realized he was a simple stepping stone for Sidious' true intended apprentice: Anakin Skywalker.