Spätzleauflauf. Maxi´s Mumpitz: Schneller Spätzleauflauf

The Spätzle should be removed from the water and served immediately. Replace some of the flour with durum flour. I tried a spaetzle dish in Austria I think it was, many years ago pre-vegan. And like I would argue that you cannot call something that is not pretzel shaped a pretzel, meat eaters would argue that you cannot call a smoked eggplant strip bacon. Gerne werden Spätzle mit frischen Kräutern und Kräutersalz kombiniert. Als Grundlage für den Teig dienen dabei Eier, Mehl und Wasser.

Die klassischen Spätzle bestehen aus Eiern, Mehl, Wasser und Salz.

This device looks like a flat colander.

Since I write a German food blog in English I get many recipe requests from people who have German ancestors or relatives but do not live in Germany.

Die geröstete Leber schmeckt einfach perfekt, so wie ihre Oma sie gemacht hat.

This device looks like a large garlic press.

Whenever we would eat the potato salad my grandmother used to make potatoes, mayonnaise, pickles, cold cut pieces, and cooked eggs my father, who had lived in the South of Germany for a couple of years when he was a kid, would tell us about how people in Bavaria made their potato salad.