Vivaldi koalition. Vivaldi is back (or is it Avanti?): Belgium may have a new government soon

After the 2011 elections, it took more than 500 days for the government to be sworn in The coalition is characterized for having a large number of political parties from the left side that grouped together after losing votes
Nothomb• Dagegen hatten Demonstranten am Sonntag protestiert Even if some details are still unclear, this would certainly be a major success in terms of social policy
The coming months will show how stable — and how progressive — Vivaldi can govern and if it can keep the country together The government was determined to overcome both ideological and regional reservations
Huysmans I• On the one hand, there are countless parties, which is due to the fact that there are different parties in the Dutch- and French-speaking parts of the country It also provides for an increase in the minimum wage, of around 150 euros by 2026
We should both go our separate ways The social partners and the member parties of the government coalition welcomed this increase since the minimum wage had not been revised since 2008
Therefore, it has not been able to steer a clear political course
Our mail-out and online service cover a wide range of relevant stories and developments in electric transport across Europe and beyond Belgium finally has a new federal government
de Theux de Meylandt II• Since this is ostensibly an English language publication, perhaps Philip would be a more judicious choice if Flanders Today is determined to avoid using his French name Philippe The industry-facing website builds on the email briefing we publish every workday since 2013
A service for professionals in the rapidly changing mobility domain, providing a daily overview and synthesis of the top new mobility stories of the Belgian, Dutch and international press We will not have the 0
Next to de Croo, the Flemish Social Democrat made a surprise political comeback as the new Deputy Prime Minister The De Croo Government is a so-called Vivaldi coalition, named after composer due to his work which corresponds to the four different political views present in this coalition: the liberals and , the socialists and , the greens and and the Christian democrats of
This has to do with the precarious political situation between the more left-wing Wallonia in the south and the more right-wing Flanders in the north of the country The 2 biggest right and rightcenter parties, that won the elections, have been excluded from the government
Eyskens I• Distribution of seats in the Chamber of Representatives Theunis I• Pholien I• Leburton I• Dirigent Alexander De Croo Open VLD sieht sich zu einem Machtwort gezwungen
Poullet• The social-democratic signature can above all be seen in the social sphere and health Pundits think this try could be successful, 466 days or almost 16 months after the elections