Vw california beach. Beach vs Ocean

What would be your views on say just buying a top spec Hi Line? Two of the Campfire crew had been debating whether to buy a campervan for years.

Make your life that little bit easier on top of all this by opting for a rear-view camera and parking sensors to prevent any scratches and scrapes from other objects! But we really miss the idea of taking off on a Friday after work when the sun shines.

Platz für einen Gaskartuschenkocher Im Lieferumgang enthalten.

I am glad I read about the canvas thats rather poor if its not waterproof.

Great article, very useful and spurred us to take the plunge and recently buy a Cali Beach.

It shades no more road space than a Mondeo estate and at the weekends you can go and have adventures. However, one very small issue we have is where to put our tea and coffee mugs in the morning before we properly get up we have a 3 bench seat Beach and usually sleep downstairs Have you, or any of your readers, sorted a great solution to this that you can share? The canvas need to be wetted to expand the cotton to make it waterproof. Welcome to your Garage Create an account or Log In to My Garage to pick up your searches and saved vehicles where you left off from anywhere and any device. The way down hurts more than the way up. It's perfect for a family of 4. But don't be put off by the Ocean's narrow lower bed. Have a look at and also at our recommended models.