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Moldova• Fishermen in : Pfizer—BioNTech Geographical• Andorra• Poland• Eastern province: Sinopharm• India• In May, the country ordered 14 million doses on top of 1. Southern province: Oxford—AstraZeneca, Sinopharm• Germany• Malaysia• US Embassy in Sri Lanka. Italy• Retrieved 19 August 2021. By April, vaccination of persons above the age of 30 has started and extended beyond the Western Province. Central province: Sputnik V, Moderna• Retrieved 20 March 2021. Northern Cyprus• Philippines• Adaderana. Impfzahlen Impfzentrum 1. North central province: Sinopharm Vaccine on order [ ] Vaccine Type technology Doses ordered Manufacturer Remarks Viral vector 8,400,000 - Viral vector 13,000,000 - RNA 14,900,000 - Inactivated virus 23,000,000 - References [ ]• Insgesamt wurden bisher 4. Portugal• United States• Scotland• France• New Zealand• 21260621. Spain• Wales• Students travelling overseas for studies: Pfizer—BioNTech• Retrieved 2 June 2021.
, die auf des Landkreises genannt werden und ihre Daten an das Gesundheitsamt melden. India• Retrieved 30 July 2021. economynext. North Western province: Oxford—AstraZeneca, Sinopharm• int. United Kingdom• Informationen zu Corona-Zahlen, Impfzahlen, Impfzentren, Testungen und Auslastungen der Intensivstationen finden Interessierte auch auf dem des Landes Niedersachsen. ABC News. Taiwan• Ireland• Background [ ] The Government of Sri Lanka commenced its COVID-19 vaccination program under the facility with first batch of vaccines arrive in Sri Lanka on 28 January 2021 from the. A news feed that shares verfired information on the current MyHealth Sri Lanka status within the country• Japan• African Union• who. Letzterer wurde immer bei der Zahl der Erstimpfungen mit angegeben.

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Johns Hopkins experts in global public health, infectious disease, and emergency preparedness have been at the forefront of the international response to COVID-19.

Dieser wird seitens des RKI basierend auf der dort ermittelten 7-Tage-Fallzahl ermittelt.

Contents• Plan to immunize against COVID-19 COVID-19 vaccination in Sri Lanka Date 29 January 2021 2021-01-29 — present Location Cause Organized by Outcome• United States• -22.

8 million vaccines obtained by Sri Lanka to date.

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Covid-19 Situation Report Updated 2021-08-26 22:48:49 Try out the covid-19 tracking application today• Sabaragamuwa province: Sinopharm• India• Taiwan• Turkey• Proposed vaccine production [ ] On 27 May State Minister for Pharmaceuticals told reporters Sri Lanka was considering co-production of.