Discord was ist das. Discord (Software)

Juli 2021 amerikanisches Englisch. Januar 2016, abgerufen am 18. How to Install Discord Plugins? September -. Juli 2016, abgerufen am 10. Im Mai 2018 stieg die Anzahl der registrierten Nutzer auf 130 Millionen. . Discord is great.

Discord applications are made by a server so that you can join as many servers as you want.

Wie funktioniert Discord? Juli 2021 amerikanisches Englisch.

Discord plugins are add-ons for Discord that help you in adding more features that are not available in the original Discord.

I also liked Plugin Repo a lot as it reduces the efforts to download and install plugins on BetterDiscord.

The plugin includes colored typing, colored voice, color popouts and modals, and finally colored audit log as well.

Whether you're new, frustrated with Discord, or you just like checking out new stuff, there's a lot here to like. Send DMs via iOS Devices• Abgerufen am 6. Recent additions include 2FA authentication, and there is always something being built out. Once you have selected a plugin to install, you can follow the step by step guide to install it on Discord. For starters, Discord Plugins are something more than a regular bot. Log in to Discord. Archiviert vom am 10. Find the member you want to be kicked out and right-click on the name. Tap over to the ALL tab in the top-left corner of the screen.