Radiologie konken. Radiologie Kusel

A few of them amassed great fortunes through trade, but very few of them ever made careers of being officials To the north, the other side of the dale is formed by a ridge coming from the west, on whose south slope most of the village stands
Ferdinand Hahn b Translated from the , it comes out as follows: Revenues from Konken: in one year 20 and 8 and a small donation
Meanwhile, Konken had a watermain by 1909; electric light had to wait until 1922 Ebenso bitten wir Sie, bei Fieber, Husten, Schnupfen und Halsschmerzen erst nach Abklingen der Symptomatik einen Termin zu vereinbaren
After the war ended in 1648, newcomers mainly from and the bolstered the now almost annihilated pre-war population, although some of the came back, too From that time onwards, however, steady expansion with strong population growth set in, and already by the 18th century, some villagers were to seek their fortunes abroad
Other forms that cropped up in later records are Concham 1152 , Concka 1270 , Kuncke 1298 , Conken 1304 , Kuncha 1328 , Kuncken 1377 and Konken 1824 The arms have been borne since 1986 when they were approved by the now defunct administration in
The old tower was kept, but later also underwent considerable alterations There were changes now and then, but in general, this arrangement is the one that held true
The latter earned their living as miners, ironworkers and quarrymen On , at and at , too, children demand small gifts
All these residential areas spread in the course of the 19th century and early 20th century. Thus, only a few big farms were left, some of which specialized in certain kinds of agriculture, among others, pig farming and cattle farming. With 833 inhabitants, Konken is, after and , the third biggest municipality in the Verbandsgemeinde. Building work in 1966 brought to light the remnants of a when its foundations were dug up. A -powered local heating network is under construction. Local historians, however, have derived the name from the conca, with its similar meaning of , or more broadly , apparently also a reference to the local geography. Geography [ ] Location [ ] The municipality lies in the highlands in the Western.

If the church that still stands now goes back to 1124, then there must once have been an older one.

Uno anno XX solidos et VIIII denarios et obulum.

Work began in 1953 on laying sewerage, and in 1965, a plant was completed.

The last Jewish inhabitant was taken away by the Nazis in 1940 and deported to the in the.

SPD-Ortsverein — local chapter• The work took several years.

Either way, the village was the hub of a parish.

The municipal area measures 704 ha, of which 10 ha is wooded.

They sometimes also had a small agricultural operation of sorts alongside their main jobs: they kept.