Instagram deaktivieren. How to Delete or Deactivate an Instagram Account

Enter your Instagram password when prompted, and then wait for the same email referred to above. Some time away might be exactly what you need. Tap on the three dots located on the top right corner of the screen. A deactivated account can be reactivated at any time. How to Temporarily Deactivate Your Instagram Account If you temporarily disable your account, Instagram hides your profile, photos, comments, and likes. Back-up copy Instagram lets you save all the files shared on its platform on your device So, all the photos and videos uploaded on Instagram will also be saved on your cell phone. If you happen to amass a following along the way, great! Unlike some online accounts, there is a reasonably straightforward process to go through should you opt to delete or deactivate your Instagram account.

Perhaps you originally deactivated it because you were too busy to make and check on Instagram posts, and now you have spare time on your hands.

Depending on the gravity of the violation, you may or may not be able to reactivate your account.

Hier kommt nun das Video dazu.

In diesem Video zeige ich dir, wie du deinen Account bei Instagram löschen kannst.

Once you have configured the app to use less data, the videos will take longer to load.

Retrieving a Forgotten Instagram Password Things are a little trickier if you have forgotten your Instagram password since you last used the account.

The Pleasure of Starting Over Audiences can be stressful.

You will need to know at least one of these to be able to continue.

Many an angry Instagrammer has declared that they have had enough of Instagram and deleted their account, only to sheepishly return in the future, having to begin a new account with no remnant remaining of their old online identity.

Instagram will warn you that can only disable your account once a week.