Mercedes benz glc coupe. 2019 Mercedes

As soon as the driver lifts off the brake, the engine instantly restarts, for immediate acceleration response. Please always wear your seat belt. Data usage is routed through device and subject to fees, charges and restrictions in user's wireless plan. It delivers on almost every front, providing an enjoyable driving experience, a comfortable interior, and plenty of technology. It comes with a haptic accelerator pedal that vibrates to encourage drivers to let up on the throttle to save fuel.
The electronic selector and shift paddles let you control all gear changes with your hands on the steering wheel Your age, gender, location, credit score, and driving record can also have an impact on your insurance rates
Serious wheel and tire damage may occur if the vehicle is operated on rough or damaged road surfaces or upon encountering road debris or obstacles Available assists also help you change lanes with a tap of your finger, and can slow your cruising speed for an offramp
Both have posh interiors with plenty of features, though the Audi comes standard with some things that are options in the Mercedes, like leather upholstery and all-wheel drive It's engaging and easy to drive, with a comfortable interior and plenty of intuitive technology
Driver is responsible for complying with traffic and other laws Note that not all trims are offered in each body style
Its rapid-multispark ignition and high-pressure Direct Injection can fine-tune themselves every few milliseconds to optimize performance, efficiency and emissions You may get different mileage depending on how fast you drive, weather conditions and trip length
However, there's a little bit of turbo lag when you hit the gas See Operator's Manual for system operating speeds and additional information and warnings
Read Operator's Manual before driving off-road Some services are only available on select vehicles
Maps do not cover all areas or all routes within an area, may require periodic updating, and may not reflect recent or temporary changes to roadways Drivers are cautioned not to wait for system alerts before braking or taking evasive action, as that may not afford sufficient time and distance
The seats are comfortable, and the infotainment system is user-friendly Check out our to find the best policy for you
While this difference is only by a few inches, it can be enough to make a difference when you are driving Along with a more seamless delivery of power, the lighter, more versatile transmission enhances quiet riding comfort and fuel-efficiency