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Biden had touted his endorsement from and leaned into his friendship with the late Senator in advertising The likeliest flip for Republicans is Alabama
Retrieved February 24, 2021 Former , a Republican, is advising the audit
270 to Win November 11, 2016
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Swing State Project 17 bonus delegates were also allocated
New Mexico• Audit fever has spread across the country Pennsylvania• With a likely voter turnout model featuring higher turnout than in the 2016 presidential election• "Other" with 3
Retrieved February 1, 2021 Sadly, there is no vaccine to protect us from a sore loser determined to cast doubt on democracy
on August 25, 2017, after he failed to obey a court order in a case investigating his department's racial profiling to detain immigrants, drawing negative reactions from public figures and civil rights groups The board is controlled 4-1 by Republicans but has been increasingly at odds with the Senate over its 2020 election review, which board members say is being conducted by incompetent consultants who are spreading conspiracy theories
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Clinton won Arizona mainly by holding his deficit in Maricopa to single digits, which made him the only candidate to ever win the state without carrying Maricopa Retrieved February 1, 2021
Thousands? Early votes and absentee votes cast before the election were pre-counted and released shortly after 10:00 p Retrieved February 2, 2021
An elector who votes for someone other than their candidate is known as a reported in May that because Senate Republicans had given private companies and individuals unfettered and unmonitored access to voting machines, the county might need to expend significant funds and time to ensure the equipment would meet federal, state and local requirements for certifying and protecting election equipment
Suburban backlash against Trump and the Republican Party was indicated as far back as , when Arizona shifted 5 Boddie write-in Eric Stoneham write-in 13 0
Tweet Every day I get emails from Republicans who absolutely believe that more than 74,000 early ballots were illegally counted despite never being requested by voters
Retrieved February 4, 2021 The state party still formally conducted the higher meetings in their -type delegate selection system
Which means he's a Nebraska-02 where he's currently leading away from hitting 270 on the number, WITHOUT Pennsylvania and Maine's 2nd District Instead, she hired the Cyber Ninjas, a tiny Florida cybersecurity company with no elections experience other than a CEO who promoted theories that the vote was stolen
The audit is being conducted at the main floor of the , which was not available for this activity beyond the original target date Add a growing Latino population, shifting attitudes among white suburban voters and migration from California and you have a new battleground
PDF , Washington DC: , August 2020, Arizona• The county has turned over its vote-counting machines, servers and huge amounts of data but balked at handing over routers its uses county-wide and passwords it says it does not control Trump took credit for the on several occasions despite it being championed by McCain and passed in 2014