Crusader kings iii. Crusader Kings III on Steam

Religion holds at least three Holy Sites: If you are lacking one or more counties under the control of a ruler of the corresponding faith for the minimum number of three Holy Sites, the only way out is conquest.

If a Tribe has already been built within a county, you cannot build another one.

Recruit agents to assist your schemes to undermine or murder anyone who stands between you and power.

Only forced conversion can help here! Close relatives of the ruler are also available for election.

Characters can make other characters from their court or realm with significant combat skills into , which are extremely powerful; 20 knights are roughly equal to 200 peasant levies.

Other Fame traits can be given to characters in the course of their lives, for example if they have extramarital affairs that are made public by unfortunate circumstances or if a bastard child is legitimized afterwards.

Certain religions allow mainly male characters to choose concubines or secondary marriage partners.

In accordance with the five skill values Learning, Diplomacy, Martial, Intrigue and Stewardship, you decide which of the five types of Lifestyles your ruler character should follow.

In addition, a high martial skill value also increases the size of the recruitable levy contingent and the rate of levy reinforcement, i Allies call you to war from time to time as well
In Crusader Kings 3, warfare is a bit more complex Double-click on the Coat of Arms of the county to centralize the view on the most important settlement
Weaknesses, on the other hand, can be compensated for by choosing a different lifestyle that allows you to increase the value Open the app
jpg A fine urn taken from the Abbasid court Supplement your income with ransomed prisoners or raiding parties on neighboring realms
Choosing decisions that bring piety: From time to time, your character will be confronted with decisions concerning the virtues and sins of his faith For more brains, look for smart or intelligent partners
Is there an heir? There are many different kinds of inspirations, all resulting in various types of artifacts upon completion Hafer, T
Storage: 8 GB available space Minimum:• Is the ruler married? Disallowed: In this case, only death can bring a married couple apart If both armies are in the same area, the battle begins: In the battle overview, you can see the advantages, troop strength, troop quality, champion quantity and the Prowess skill of the commanders of both sides
This way, you will raise a young person with your desired characteristics as your heir. Support Schemes: If you have hostile schemes in the works yourself, your Spymaster will actively support their advancement. fighters, for the respective ruler. Personal Schemes: Personal schemes enable you to change a relationship with another character to your advantage, make friends, start affairs, ingratiate yourself with someone else, and perhaps even find a soul mate for your ruler. Development Development raises the technological progress and the local infrastructure of a county, which has a positive effect on the amount of taxes and levies as well as the supply limit.