Thrustmaster airbus. Thrustmaster TCA Sidestick Airbus Edition

2 ft Chassis• Axes: 3 — X aileron , Y elevator , Z rudder• This article is about the 3rd-generation Airbus-themed joystick released in 2020 For the 1st-generation black-and-green joystick released in 2009, see
T software not available Cockpit Camera: Cockpit Quickview Right• Cord: USB v2
Optional T Hats: 1 8-way• Z-axis hall effect sensor upgrade: via Youtube Bundles [ ]• The Thrustmaster TCA Sidestick Airbus Edition is a manufactured by Thrustmaster
Compatible premade mounts:• Weight: 3 lb 1,400 g• MonsterTech Flight Stand• Support page:• Sliders: 1• Optional T Monstertech Joystick Table Mount• Buttons: 15• Linux Device is plug-and-play
Thrustmaster TM Flying Clamp• Press up on the button at the front of the palm rest from the underside To mirror the button mapping of the 12 buttons on the base:• Base material: Thermoplastic• Twitter: Reviews [ ] Written [ ]• Wired: Yes• Remove both the left and right thumb buttons and replace with the included opposite-handed versions• T software not available Overall: 10
T16000M FCS HOTAS Table Mount DIY — Stick and Yolk• Chassis material: Thermoplastic• Stick material: Plastic• 7 in H 26
Simulator compatibility Sim Rating Notes Default mapping automatically applied Connectivity• Verniers: 0• For the 2nd-generation orange-and-black joystick released in 2016, see. Sensor type: Potentiometer Inputs• Replace and gently tighten the screws To lock out the stick twist mechanism:• Holes: 2 —• 0, hardwired to USB A, 1. J-PEIN Desk Mount• 9 m 6. Grip material: None To convert the grip to right-handed First Officer configuration:• Product page:• Press down the button at the front of the palm rest To unlock the stick twist mechanism:• Stick twist: Yes lockable• Thrust reversers: No• Levers: 0• Clamps: None• Contents• MonsterTech Center Joystick Chair Mount• Mappings:• Included in:• External Camera: External Quickview Left• Manual:• Feet: 8 — Rubber• Remove the two Phillips head screws in the side of the left button• Facebook:• Slide the dip switch located on the underside of the base Levers, verniers, and sliders• Mac OS Device is plug-and-play. .