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Activision has already confirmed Call of Duty Season 3 is incoming.


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A second one is an essential addition for everyone but the most antisocial player.

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There are also rumors that Amazon will drop more PS5 shares next week, and the retail giant is rumored to be taking PS5 orders twice in April.

How did today go? The sold-out PS5 is expected to be in stock at Smyths Toys very soon.

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Players will play co-op games together virtually as well. countries. Due to delays in sea freight, expected range of release is currently 14 to 21st January. 8-18 million units in 2021, fueled by additional capacity support from TSMC and backend services firms, according to industry sources. And that means Season 3 will begin very soon. According to the PS5 stock rumor mill, Smyths was one of the UK retailers expected to get new stock this week, along with GAME and Very.
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