Kennzeichen kn. ISO 3166

BF - Burgsteinfurt, North-Rhine-Westphalia• In this fashion, fictional Mrs Ulrike Mustermann, born 2 May 1965 and living in Essen, might choose E-UM 2565 for her car. Aufgrund des US-amerikanischen Ursprungs, liegen hier oft die englisch-sprachigen Namen zugrunde. MGN - Meiningen, Thuringia• FS - Freising, Bavaria• The German flag is shown, instead of the blue EU strip. sa SE SWE 752 SWE SW S. OPR - Ostprignitz-Ruppin, Brandenburg• vehicles of the local government for example: fire brigade : 200-299, 2000-2999, 20000-29999, 300-399• RS - Remscheid, North-Rhine-Westphalia• Geo-Quiz in German.
NZ - Neustrelitz, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern O• Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. Omega• LF - Laufen, Bavaria• Official Journal of the European Communities, L 335. mit Reservierungsbescheinigung• B - Berlin• Rheinische Post in German. ye JE JEY 832 JE GBJ. , edited by• BRB - Brandenburg, Brandenburg• in German. KY - Kyritz, Brandenburg• LD - Landau in der Pfalz, Rhineland Palatinate• ESB - Eschenbach, Bavaria• To see what will work best for you, visit our. Further modifications that are generally accepted are those contemporary of the car's first registration plus and minus 10 years, burden of proof lies with the owner through historic material such as photographs and new paintjobs of any colour, including two-tone paint if originally offered and historic company logos, but no murals or custom patterns. pe PH PHL 608 PHI RP RP. The plates are approximately 20.