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After representing his diocese in national matters, Alfons was appointed secretary to King Alfonso V of Aragon 1396—1458 and became deeply involved in politics, sometimes acting as envoy for the monarch on in Canada, and received its first major television network premiere on June 21, 2011, on Canada's
Aidan Alexander as : The barely pubescent youngest son of the pope, he is married to Sancia of Naples by the pope to secure an alliance with the kingdom to consolidate his papacy , New York, N
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Canonized by as "Saint Francis Borgia" on 20 June 1670 References [ ]• When a marriage to the Borgias was proposed, Juan refused to marry her due to her illegitimacy
After the wedding the royal couple decided to leave Naples and moved to Somma-Vesuvius During this time he wrote regular dispatches to his superiors in Florence, many of which have survived and are published in Machiavelli's Collected Works
She was married instead to Joffre, but Juan became struck by her beauty and began an affair with her io9
since 2021• 2014—16• Several contemporaries suggested that Cesare might have been his killer, as Giovanni's disappearance could finally open to him a long-awaited military career and also solve the jealousy over , wife of Cesare's younger brother, , and mistress of both Cesare and Giovanni 2001—04• kinja
Jeremy Irons was nominated for the in 2012 - Lucrezia's oldest brother contrary to historical facts , and the closest member of her family

Della Rovere pushes for Florence to give free passage of the French army on their way to Rome.

In the fifteenth century, Pope Alexander VI tries to control all power in Italy with the help of his several sons, through murder, intrigue, war, and marriage alliances.

Their youngest sibling, , is a minor player in the first season, not seen at all in the second, and doesn't become a major plot point until the third and final season.

He received unofficial permission from Machiavelli allowing him to bring the Papal Army through Florence at night on their way to Forli.

He secured a delicate success which impressed Rome and became both a priest and a bishop.

He cleaned her up, put her in a fresh gown, and brought her to Rome in a gilded cage.