Throw throw burrito. THROW THROW BURRITO

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If a player plays a battle card, the player declares a Burrito War and starts flinging burritos at opponents We did end up in fits of giggles and I woudld still highly recommend it especially for people younger as its a wonderfully thought through game and is very fun and we were certainly brought back to more childish times with a lot less worries : Brilliant game, very funny to watch as well as play
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The card game is great itself but add in squishy throwable burritos and its chaos!!!! A very VERY funny face paced game for all the family there are 5 of us with ages ranging from 12 years - 50 years Throw Throw Burrito When the battle begins, players can pick and launch the foam burritos towards their opponents
0 out of 5 stars Chaos!!! getElementById b toISOString? This thing is 3 feet tall and it is a feat in itself just trying to blow it up took me stleast 10 minutes! Now, you might think that fusing a laid-back game and a physical game might result in a set of complicated game rules