Nasa ariana grande. NASA (tradução) // Ariana Grande

Thank you so … much for your generosity and for showing my friends n I around.

Shangela told how she came up with the quote after Grande played her the song.

Consequently, this made Thank U, Next the first female album to have five top-twenty entries on the Hot 100 since 's the year before.

In fact even he knows that some time apart would be good.

Because that's really what people like and also it's one of the things that I pride myself on as a songwriter and was so happy that I was able to accomplish that with some other creatives.

The first voice we hear on the song is that of Shangela Laquifa Wadley, a drag queen known for her stints on the reality show Rupaul's Drag Race.

The beat, courtesy of producers and , is the standout on an album with stiff competition, based around a whistling, underwater-sounding synth.

It was just an incredible experience bouncing off each other just to create a new way to say the same thing.