Apple music for artists. Apple Bows Apple Music For Artists to Provide Acts With Deep Analytics Dive: Exclusive

While available to all musicians on the service, Apple expects Apple Music for Artists will give an extra boost to independent acts who had little access to such information before The company also promises exclusive and original content, and lets you listen across all of your devices
Our up to the minute industry news alongside insightful commentary helps our readers sift through the rumors and developments to find the information they need to keep their businesses moving forward Apple Music for Artists empowers you with insights that can help you plan a tour based on your popular cities, decide where to focus your promotional efforts, learn when one of your songs is gaining popularity, and more
These insights can give you ideas on where to tour particularly and who to target on any social media ads when you have news or release a new track Only several thousand artists have received private beta access to the platform
Just like in Spotify For Artists, to create your Apple Music for Artists profile you have to make sure your music is already on there Here you can also see streams and downloads by country and access your sales in the balance page
And each has its own requirements for upload and approval, which makes for a tedious process if trying to go at distributing to all major platforms yourself To be real, verification used to be unfair to emerging artists
The initial beta rollout involves a few thousand artists who will test the product and see what adjustments and expansions, if any, should be made before Apple Music for Artists opens in the Spring to the several million artists with content on the iTunes and Apple Music platforms Inside Apple Music for Artists, by Apple
Finally, when i did ever have access to the artist page, it was very stingy about a picture of my full band, square cropped, and fitting into the frame, so i could never even customize my own page This allows artists to see things like their top Shazam cities and countries, which help music labels and artists know where to start pushing a specific song or artist
Verify that you are claiming the correct page by selecting one of your albums After signing up, interested artists can request artist access
Music listeners leave a trail behind them when they use their Apple Music account to listen to music What is Apple Music for Artists? So after years of making tracks in the studio and sharing drafts here and there, I finally decided to do my own
The blue checkmark is the seal of approval that makes you look legit—even though we already knew you are Artists and artist managers can request access to Apple Music for Artists by claiming their page

All users have to do is click and zoom in on countries and cities to see more.

Offer good for verified college students only and does not extend to a Family Sharing group.

You can also view all of this data for song and album purchases downloads , and radio spins!.

Apple Music for Artists only gives musicians information relevant to helping them provide music to their fans which fans are more likely to enjoy and anyhow, everyone using Apple Music online gives their permission anyway.

Rap group Naturally Born Strangers Apple Music has opened a platform for artists to track their stream counts, demographics, and other critical data.

Data is available from the launch of Apple Music in 2015 through the most recent 24 hours.

It takes up to about a week to get verified.

If we are not be able to verify your identity or relationship to the artist with the information you provide, you will receive an email notification asking for more information to approve your artist claim.

What can I do in Apple Music for Artists? Hopefully that can be implemented, but regardless - I truly do appreciate what apple is doing for all of us trying to feed our family off of what we love doing.

Label Representatives Artists and artist managers with Administrator access are responsible for reviewing additional access requests from responsible label representatives and others.