Logitech combo touch ipad pro. Combo Touch Keyboard Case with Trackpad for iPad Pro & iPad Air

Bottom line Logitech's case isn't just a more affordable keyboard and trackpad combo case than Apple's Magic Keyboard or Smart Keyboard.

You get a full standard QWERTY keyboard with the required keys and a complete row of function keys.

Definitely not a primary purpose but a nice bonus feature.

If you happen to drop the iPad Pro, it will have some protection.

The downside of the Combo Touch is inevitable with this type of accessory: it adds bulk to your iPad.

Most keys are 0.

A new click-anywhere trackpad and Smart Connector technology provide a responsive navigation experience and support all of the Multi-Touch gestures you know and love like swipe, pinch, tap, and more.

Pressing the trackpad to click within iPadOS 15 delivers an audible sound as well.