Animal crossing september. September

Halloween Event 2021 Release Date: October 31 Available Items: Candy, Lollipop, Halloween costumes, Halloween Spooky Items Halloween as one of the biggest event in autumn, certainly it will be celebrated again this year in ACNH, and the pumpkin headed Jack will surly host and ensure the celebrations go interesting with some refreshing content. September also marks the shift to a new season--fall for Northern Hemisphere players and spring for those in the Southern Hemisphere--which means some key seasonal changes as well. hedgydoesgaming posted. Oyster- 1,100 bells• Image via Nintendo September is poised to be a huge month for Animal Crossing players. Prepared by our dear Brewster. Grape Harvest Festival Release Date: September 1 to 30 Available Items: Grape-Harvest Basket Grape Harvest Festival is the second celebration to return from year one of New Horizons in version 1. Opinions??? Violin beetle- 450 bells• is coming to the game in late November. Chuseok is brand new to Animal Crossing New Horizons and introduces the Songpyeon, a classic food item which was also available in ACNL, in honor of Chuseok and the real world event, the exclusive item is available in ACNH alongside Moon-Viewing items from September 12th to September 21st. Honestly that might be appreciated given all that has occurred, but I do understand if people want the game to constantly be updating.