Lg oled bx 55. LG 55 BX OLED Cinema HDR Smart UHD TV with AI ThinQ®

It upscales lower-resolution content without any issues and removes 24p judder from any source, such as native apps or Blu-ray players slice-container
These TVs bring out even the darkest of details, not to mention incredibly intense color that elevate every scene, plus infinite contrast to deliver incredible clarity Explore NanoCell TVs, OLED TVs, and Ultra HD TVs today
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Digital Audio Output Optical• 3" x 9 There's an 'Auto Low Latency Mode' that automatically switches the TV into 'Game' mode when you launch a game from a compatible device
You can easily watch the big game with a large group of friends thanks to its wide viewing angles Speaker sound output 40W WF:20W, 10W per Channel Channel 2
Related Content Search Yes Art Gallery Yes• 1 but not full-bandwidth HDMI 2 Boasting a vivid, rich picture and accurate color, even from a 60-degree angle, these TVs have Quad Core processing power that upgrades every scene
AI Recommendation Yes Intelligent Edit Yes• Our Verdict The LG BX OLED is an excellent overall TV countries
Stand Width• Updated Aug 19, 2020: Update to HDMI Forum VRR support 120Hz Native• 11ac Bluetooth Yes V5
Updated Aug 14, 2020: Review published Enjoy all your content at the cinematic standard and feel the full artistic intent of every film
The LG OLED55BXPUA has excellent gray uniformity, but this may vary between units AI Acoustic Tuning Yes Surround Mode OLED Surround• exports,c,c
1 ports for next-gen consoles, a 120Hz refresh rate, and support for advanced gaming features, including variable refresh rate technology VRR "undefined"! Bluetooth Surround Ready• Yes Dolby HDR only• 0ch LG Sound Sync Yes Required Bluetooth• It doesn't get bright enough to combat glare, but luckily, it has outstanding reflection handling
Apple• Bluetooth Low Energy On Yes Required Bluetooth Network File Browser Yes• Audio Codec AC4, AC3 Dolby Digital , EAC3, HE-AAC, AAC, MP2, MP3, PCM, WMA, apt-X Refer to manual• slice HDMI ports three and four are the only ones that support 4k 120Hz, and to achieve full bandwidth, enable HDMI Ultra HD Deep Color from the settings menu
Watch films with the creative intent and cinematic experience preserved Its near-instant response time results in minimal motion blur with fast-moving content, and there's no dirty screen effect in the center
When you choose an OLED TV, you're choosing 8 Advanced technology
If you set it to 'Medium' or 'Low' with 60fps content, there's noticeable image duplication AI Brightness Control Yes HDR Cinema HDR• This TV can interpolate content up to 120Hz, known as the 'Soap Opera Effect', which helps the appearance of motion
For it to work, Instant Game Response must be enabled create null ;if l
OLED Surround• You may also notice some image duplication with 'Medium' with 120fps content, as seen It has a fairly well-balanced sound profile, which is important for dialogue, and it gets loud enough to use in noisy environments