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ch in German. Retrieved 2021-01-06. . charts. 1991: Winner of the German Schlagerparade with the song "Ein leises Lied". She likes to give concerts in because of the atmosphere and. In 1982 she was the first German representative to win the. The 100 greatest Germans. ExtraTipp.
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For more guidance, see Personal life [ ] Hohloch is one of four children, born to Marliese and Siegfried Hohloch
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SchlagerPlanet In 2019, for the songs on her studio album 50 ist das neue 25, she worked with , , [], [], [], and [], and is credited with songs from that album as well
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com 1993: for Best Schlager Female Artist of 1992• lescharts
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Early in her career, the songs she recorded and performed were primarily written by composers such as , , [], and []