Corona test gedächtniskirche. ISDH

Wittenau• 00 bis 18.

Please find out in advance when and how to get to the test center and observe the protective measures on your way there.

Research will continue until the spring - but could the results see our locals open their doors once again?.


X34• 110• Schools are experiencing an increasing "salami lockdown": a gradual closing of individual schools, just like you'd cut thin slices off a salami sausage.

1 day. 00 pm. X10• Where can I get a rapid antigen test? The Indiana Department of Health IDOH continues to work to provide sites across the state to test Hoosiers for COVID-19. Berlin's former Tempelhof airport is being considered as a location for corona immunisation. The COVID-19 practices have taken the necessary corona protective measures and ensure that the patients are treated separately. How can I get tested? For their own protection and the protection of others, Berliners are encouraged to get a rapid test once a week. Bezirk Reinickendorf• The study has been running since early November and is asking adults who've already had corona but didn't catch it as part of a localised outbreak about their activities in the 10 days before they tested positive. Most of these sites do not require the individual to have symptoms to be tested.