Steiff tiger. Steiff Guide and Reference

WHATEVER YOU DECIDE TO DO ABOUT TIGER OR ANY OF MY OTHER STEIFF ITEMS, PLEASE BE SURE TO SEE THE ARTICLE I HAVE WRITTEN ABOUT STEIFF ID FRAUD—INCLUDING COUNTERFEIT CHEST TAGS— AND OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR COLLECTORS. Here innumerable enchanting animals can meet people who are young at heart. You can see the nice black air brushing on the insides of his ears as well. He has his button and flag, on which you can see his article number, 317. Internationally renowned for its exceptional quality, Steiff still utilizes traditional materials and proven manufacturing techniques to create its unique and highly prized products. I decided that that would look worse than the surgery I did perform, since it would involve a greater number of stitches. There is also what I believe a combination of moths and ordinary wear along the seam that connects the left side of his chest with that arm.

The Steiff Club The Steiff Club is something really special! Whether your thing is tigers or puppets, this wonderful and rare piece of Steiff history will do your collection proud.

However you want to display or use him, I am sure he has many additional decades of pleasure to give.

There is only one Club in the world where everything is all about the love of Steiff.

I considered trying to patch the hole I have a swatch of the appropriate off-white mohair that would make for a good color transition.

The orange is not at all faded, nor are the black stripes.

If you know of a counter example, please let me know.

If you can bear to give him up when he arrives, the Steiff or puppet collector in your life will be absolutely delighted.

This is a different version of the tiger puppet from the one we usually see, even with these same IDs.

The Steiff Club is unique. Steiff Commitment to Quality When we say that "for children, only the best is good enough" then that's no empty promise but rather a creed we have been living for generations: children are our present and our future. He has a smattering of small moth kisses on his left arm. Played with steiff items would be valued below the low value. Steiff Values are based on the item being NRFB never removed from box or in New Condition. . This is where the exchange experiences, personal memories and stories is so contagiously happy and alive.