Twitch simp ban. Twitch rule backfires, simp is now used more than ever before

There was no widespread demand for a crackdown on terms that, when used negatively, largely refer to the people doing the harassing, not being harassed.

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If the word simp should be banned then there are plenty of other words that should be banned as well.

Twitch chief operating officer Sara Clemens announced the move during a livestreamed town hall on Wednesday, before the policy was added to a Twitch blog post listing a series of new guidelines, including the banning of the Confederate flag.

We have a stricter policy on emotes overall because they can be used across Twitch so we take more proactive measures to minimize the potential for harm.


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Perhaps Twitch is just a simp for punishment. Lol I was also confused with how you worded this on what side you were taking, but I figured it out. It also includes stricter rules around sexual harassment and seems to give Twitch more leeway to ban streamers and commenters who make offensive comments. pcgamer. Read moreā€¢ com","pocketmonster. kotaku. . kotaku.