Fritzbox mesh repeater. FRITZ!Box 7490 Help

Die Lösung in diesem Fall heißt: Mesh. Help is provided by repeaters that expand the network. Adoption of the settings is enabled by default. Zusätzliche Einstellungen sind nicht erforderlich. Box's Mesh overview always shows you which devices in the home and guest network are currently active, how they are connected with each other, and which throughput rates are available over the individual connections. Repeater easily and efficiently adds an additional wireless access point to your home network. Im können Sie mehrere Mesh Repeater in Reihe schalten. Box hat der Hersteller ein Gerät im Portfolio, das Modem und Router in einem ist — so spart man sich das Aufstellen einer weiteren Box. The setup wizard guides you through all steps in an understandable way. Plus, you have multiple answering machines, online telephone books and various convenience features at your disposal.