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It seems to have chronically contamination with negative effects of function of organs of some individuals.

Females in reproduction could minimize the contamination by delivery pollutants to following generation.

Du solltest einen Fischotter heiraten.

So , they dropped the pup in with the female otter, and she immediately went into mom mode.

But with their numbers hovering around just a few thousand, researchers have kept a close eye on the population and their studies have revealed an interesting social structure.

Generally, a group of otters on land will go by a romp, while a group hanging in the water is called a raft.

Otters won't act naturally with humans nearby, and using a telescope on a boat can get tricky in the rollicking ocean.

Peter, Steller and other 18th-century explorers crash-landed on modern-day Bering Island after getting separated from its sister ship.

But now, scientists are using with cameras to get an aerial look at otters in their element, making it easier to monitor the creatures as they dive for food and go about their day.

In dem Fluss leben geschützte Arten wie die Malermuschel Unio aleroni , die Hundsbarbe Barbus meridionalis , der Pyrenäen-Gebirgsmolch Calotriton asper , der Dohlenkrebs Austropotamobius pallipes und der Europäische Fischotter Lutra lutra.