Corona beschlüsse. Corona in Deutschland: Zahlen, Grafiken und weitere Informationen

There are no longer any supplementary Bavarian regulations.

Medically necessary treatments in doctors', dentists' and other offices would remain permissible.

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in the cashier area of the Botanical Garden• Previously, a general mask requirement applied between 9 a.

Bleibt die Sieben-Tage-Inzidenz entscheidend? NEW SINCE AUGUST 23: The 3G rule entry only for those tested, vaccinated and recovered now applies to public and private special occasion events held indoors.

24 Stunden alt oder PCR-Test max.

Staff are required to be tested twice a week. Die Regelungen vor Ort trifft das jeweilige. Outdoor markets are allowed to sell all goods again since June 7. and 9 p. 2021 18.