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Thalasso Health Treatments, Too Juist is partially known for its mudflats which are a common tourist attraction. The Chopping Block Roulette competition was available in the High Roller's Room this week and Alyssa was the only contestant to use her BB Bucks to play. The contestant even had a chance to play in the High Roller's Room to obtain safety, but they decided not to play in the competition. No Ibiza-crazed clubbers here though, just good food, a friendly atmosphere and most importantly, fish fingers and chips for the kids. Natural barriers are regularly erected using branches planted in the sand. Another sandbank located at the western end of Juist, known as the Billreef, is a common migration rest stop for birds such as gray plovers, dunlins, and knots. 1-0. For an unforgettable vacation, come experience the magnificent beaches, climate, and more on the little German island of Juist! 9 0. 0 2.

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For starters, getting to the island is only possible by boat during high tide.

Juist may be a small island but there are still tons of things to do there.