Eisregen nrw. Bis zu minus 20 Grad: Der Winter bleibt

Peter Badenhop• Morgue, lit.

It was interesting to put another creature there [.

Style [ ] Eisregen's old albums were more black metal influenced than the newer ones.

Rust-red 2011• Meat Movie 2017• Der Fahrer verletzte sich leicht.

The indexing of the album "Farbenfinsternis" Color Darkness , which was along with "Krebskolonie" one of their most important releases, inflicted a financial damage to "Eisregen".

Bassist West, 2015 On February 1, 2007 their release "Wundwasser" Water from wounds was indexed due to "youth endangering and condemnable contents" although the band tried to stop the indexing by engaging their attorneys.

Bone Cult 2008• Darkened Colours, lit " In den vergangenen Tagen hatten die Tiefs "Tristan" und "Reinhard" und das Hoch "Gisela" unterschiedlich warme Luft in Richtung NRW transportiert - und genau dort prallten sie aufeinander
Blood Trails 2007• Reception [ ] Although Eisregen were criticized for their horror and splatter lyrics, their songs also have a certain morbid and humoristic background and sometimes even deal with social or historical topics e
Censorship [ ] Unlike "normal" indexing which means playing the songs in public, publicity and selling to minors are forbidden , "Krebskolonie" is not allowed to be sold at all in Germany "Verbreitungsverbot" Stage Blood Live CD, 2009• House of Flesh Vinyl, 1997 Limited to 1000 copies• The story is told from a quite sick and cynical view
Aber der starke Wind schaffe sofort Schneeverwehungen Michael "Bursche" Lenz Guitars, bass guitar• Purgatory 2018• Verletzt wurde dabei niemand
Give It to Me, lit Sein Trost: " Der Flusspegel wird jetzt langsam fallen
Wegen einer sind im Norden Deutschlands am Samstag mehrere Zugverbindungen gestrichen worden Unter anderem sei ein Auto gegen eine Verkehrsinsel geprallt
The members are from Tambach-Dietharz, a village in Festival of Flesh EP, 2000• Ronny "Yantit" Fimmel Drums, electronics Former members [ ]• " WDR-Zuschauerfoto von Walburg Guenner
Sebastian "Berg" Morbach 1996—1997, 2000—2005 Bass• The violin parts, now typical for the band, came with "Krebskolonie" Cancer Colony , considered as their best album by many of their fans Titel fuer Nachricht: Nachricht:
Contents• Decay 1998• History [ ] In English, Eisregen translates to "" Friends of Flutes EP, 2014• "; see External links This indexing report shows the singer and the narrator as one person although this not the same thing