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Long life gas lift Innovative material designed for comfort and durability The one feature that stands out with the Noblechairs Hero gaming chair black edition is the cover material. Certified as an office chair in accordance with DIN EN 1335 This special edition HERO uses a premium PU leather upholstery to ensure maximum comfort and durability. Adjustable lumbar support and rocking mechanism Constantly raising the bar for quality when it comes to gaming and office chairs, noblechairs are made with premium materials throughout ensuring the HERO Series offers an emphasis on both comfort and quality. With the rocker mechanism the entire chair, including the seat, can be tilted to the rear. The backrest can now be adjusted according to the exact preferences of the user. The material is tear-resistant, durable, highly abrasion-resistant and easy to clean. Individually adjustable seat height• This helps the backrest of the HERO to adhere to the natural curvature of the lower back, resulting in a more natural seated posture overall. Enhanced comfort for long working Hours Great gaming chairs distinguish themselves not by how good they look but how comfortable they are even with lengthy use. It is also the perfect surface for the colourful Fallout inspired elements, ensuring that the colours are sharp and the embossed illustrations are clear. I am not happy with how much the arm rests wriggle.
Newly developed PU leather covering with breathable micro-pores• Just as in the case of manufacturing cars in the automotive industry, specialised robotic arms forge the robust steel frame of the HERO This degree of perfection is only possible thanks to noblechairs' implementation of machine-only manufacturing
Here, the backrest is in the same position as on the first image of it, at the start of the test section Durable, easy-clean, water-resistant and breathable• The sound that it makes, when you move the armrests up and down is also very satisfying
The result being the uncontested ergonomic and feature-rich leader in the gaming chair segment, a series that achieves the unparalleled comfort even after long hours of working and gaming Germany-based brand noblechairs holds a considerable reputation in the world of gaming and office chairs
High quality wheels• This guarantees flawless yet extremely durable construction, a characteristic for which noblechairs has become famous in the meantime Polyurethane armrests• Individually adjustable seat height• Quiet 60mm casters• Where many other chairs feature a different color or fabric material on the seat pan, compared to that of the backrest, that is not the case with the HERO Black Edition
There are many adjustable features, too, which allows you to customise your comfort shopify
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VAT no 918 5617 01 H Bauer Publishing are authorised and regulated for credit broking by the FCA Ref No That makes you forced to start adding pillows on the seats to get the support you need
Several metal parts have been used, rather than plastic, which we normally would see My girlfriend even said how comfy it is, to her surprise as she thought her chairs at work were pretty comfortable