Risk of rain 2 items. Items

Disposable Missile Launcher Effect: On use, launch 12 missiles that seek out nearby targets and deal 300% damage each He will get far more use out of it
Types Basically, there are two types of items in the game that includes Passive and Active items Don't try and obtain every single item in each level, as you run the risk of being outstripped by the ever-ticking difficulty timer
This holds not only good for weapons but all support equipment like maps, health potions, shields and superpowers To unlock: kill 15 bosses in one run
To unlock: discover and activate eight unique Newt Altars Although they often come with extremely powerful effects, equipment items have very long cooldowns to compensate
Meteor shower lasts 20 seconds What makes it great is how many enemies you can catch at once, plus the 20 percent chance gives you a relatively high probability of the effect happening
Not only does it deal 3000% damage on hit, but it also stuns nearby monsters, has unlimited range, and has one of the shortest base cooldowns out of any equipment Therefore, it deserves a B Tier because it can be useful and has a bit more impact in a fight than most players think
Once inside, kill enemies to earn money which you can use to light the seven lanterns in the area. This will spawn if you pay a Lunar Coin at a newt alter, or it will randomly spawn once you've defeated a boss it's a blue portal that appears next to the teleporter. Red Whip Effect: While out of combat, movement speed is increase by 30% +30% per stack. Equipment: S Tier Foreign Fruit A consumption of a Foreign Fruit will heal you by 50% of your max health. This often results in another elite kill which can easily snowball into an insane amount of damage overall. Its sister item, the Energy Drink which only increases sprint speed , gives a larger speed boost per item, but only affects sprinting. However an item like Infusion can give you up to 2. Wake of Vultures Legendary Gain the power of any killed elite monster for 8s +5s per stack. The boost that Energy Drink provides to sprinting speed is absolutely crazy.