Mercedes benz sprinter konfigurator. Build Your Own Car

Your actual highway mileage will probably be less than the highway estimate.

USB connector socket 2pcs• child car seat mounts• The walls and ceiling are sheathed with moisture-resistant laminated plywood and the walls and floor are additionally sheathed with corrugated aluminum.

Digital information panel• Dual-circuit rear axle pneumatic system• 1 Vehicle may not be exactly as shown.

15A pulse charger• 4-speaker speakers• 1pcs wall lamp for reading• LED lighting in the luggage compartment• LED lighting under the marquise• 2021 kostenlos nutzen.

Luke 1pc• Socket 12 V 3pcs• Weil wir Gutes gerne noch besser machen, haben wir unsere Dieselmotoren weiter verbrauchsoptimiert.

Spotlight on the ceiling 2pcs• Input CEE 220V connector Under the hood• filler neck• The luggage compartment is separated by a warmed partition from the passenger compartment; the passenger compartment is sealed to prevent odors from the luggage compartment.

Schon optisch ist der neue Sprinter Kastenwagen ein Highlight: Sein Design folgt dem modernen Mercedes-Benz Design-Konzept.

High-pressure pump• 200W Solar Panel• Bis zu 8.