Willy brandt. Biografia de Willy Brandt

Until his death at age 78 on October 8, 1992, near Bonn, three years after the collapse of the Berlin Wall, Brandt remained active in German politics, the Socialist International, and as an international spokesman for better North-South relations. He decided to be a Norwegian citizen in 1940 after his citizenship back in his country was revoked. Use the feedback button at the bottom right corner of any page to send us your thoughts. In late 1946, Brandt returned to Berlin, working for the Norwegian government. He could speak fluent Swedish and Norwegian by that time. I came to the conclusion that they represented an unbridled nationalism, devoid of spiritual content.
Similarly the political objective of the alliance will not be realised without an East-West détente West Germany Chancellor, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
He is best remembered for his great efforts in trying to bring back the relationship between the Soviet bloc and his country In 1940, he was arrested in Norway by occupying German forces, but was not identified as he wore a Norwegian uniform
Both actions attracted controversy within Germany, as did Ostpolitik in general, which was supported by only a narrow majority of the people and had opposition within Brandt's own party This applies for Europe as a whole
He continued with his policy of and in 1970 negotiated an agreement with the Soviet Union accepting the frontiers of Berlin The Kniefall was a symbolic action the opposition tried to use against Brandt, as in a in April 1972, which Brandt won by only two votes
In 1949 he became a member of the first German Bundestag and was elected mayor of West-Berlin in 1957, which he stayed until 1966 Cómo citar este artículo: Ruiza, M
That brought me into the workers' movement No amount of rhetoric can distract from that