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Der Stickstoff bleibt dann sehr lange in der Krume fixiert und gelangt nicht ins Grundwasser.

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Work rates in excess of one hectare 10 000 m 2 per hour are readily achievable with two operators, one to drive the combine, the other to drive a tractor-trailer or a truck into which the combine periodically empties its grain for transportation to the farm granary or direct to the local grain merchant or storage facility.

Werden solche verwendet, muss nicht extra nachbearbeitet werden.

Such rental markets are now common in Asia wherever tractors or power tillers have penetrated.


Oktober bis 31.

Milling rice for home consumption can also be done over a long period, and in Asia it is common for a mill owner to 'rent' his machine to customers.

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Winterraps und• Weitere Informationen zum Thema:• More specialized equipment including high-pressure orchard sprayers, airblast sprayers, electrostatic sprayers, aircraft sprayers and dusters has also been described in Fertilizer Applicators and Plant Protection Equipment EOLSS on-line, 2002.