Dm basis frühstücksbrei. Increasing physically effective fiber content of dairy cow diets through forage proportion versus forage chop length: chewing and ruminal pH

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In general, NEg overestimates the energy value of concentrates relative to roughages.

Bio Hirse Getreidebrei von Dm Die Thematik von Schadstoffen im Babybrei wurde von verschiedenen Verbraucherportalen beleuchtet.


Relative Forage Quality RFQ : Like RFV, RFQ combines predicted intake NDF and digestibility ADF.

Metabolizable Protein MP : MP is protein that is available to the animal including microbial protein BCP synthesized by the rumen microorganisms and UIP.

Nutrients should always be balanced on a dry-matter basis because nutrient requirements for beef cattle are reported on a dry-matter basis.

Fiber Crude Fiber CF : Crude fiber is a traditional measure of fiber content in feeds.

83 and negatively correlated to the time that pH was below 5.

Ether Extract EE : The crude fat content of a feedstuff.