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This new HUM developed by the research team from the University of Limerick Ireland , Kyoto University Japan , Stellenbosch University South Africa , and the University of South Florida Tampa, U.


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An induced-fit effect imitated from nature could be useful in increasing the selectivity of porous crystalline materials and to better handle difficult separation processes or gas separations, for example.

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Share: We often say that a substrate fits into its enzyme like a key in a lock, but this metaphor is imperfect.


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Biologie, die hier einfache Problemen zu Reaktionsmechanismen und Synthesen, Naturstoffen und Pharmazeutika finden, wie sie Thema einer typischen Grundvorlesung in organischer Chemie sind.


These could be metal—organic frameworks MOFs or hybrid ultramicroporous materials HUMs , which are soft less rigid than classic porous materials like zeolites.