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. . . ] Member States or, where a Member State so provides, the Competent Authority shall ensure that the necessary measures are taken so that by 3 December 2014 at the latest, in the event of a disruption of the single largest gas infrastructure, the capacity of the remaining infrastructure, determined according to the N - 1 formula as provided in point 2 of Annex I, is able, without prejudice to paragraph 2 of this Article, to satisfy total gas demand of the [. is going to become more serious every summer because the income and demographic differences between Europe and Africa will increase this immigration, and Europe must respond by implementing a policy of development in Africa and cooperation amongst the European countries, to this end implementing a common immigration policy. ] [. . Are in this view, which invites man to despise and disregard himself, which lets see him his existence as something without sense to which is due no attention and also no reflection since it does in no way differ in its composition from what surrounds it, not missing cause and effect between the various substances in the way of chemical reactions even in the subtlest specific characteristics that differentiate him from others: the ability to understand and to think as well as a dynamic cycle that comes to a standstill as soon as a disruptive factor occurs in these chemical reactions or a fluctuation in the process between their various functions. ] [.