Bullet head. Bullet Head

He'd been caught by a security guard, but the guard was afraid of dogs and ran away Retrieved 23 July 2021
Three career criminals find themselves trapped in a warehouse with the law closing in and an even worse threat waiting inside - a nigh unstoppable killer dog Gage sneaks back into the locker room where he injects heroin
" You can really feel many different feelings at the same time: horror, mercy, sadness, terrifying things all in one : Adrien Brody is all great at all movie and his love of animals and not only animals that I admire at all Gage is revealed to have messed up the robbery when he left his post to steal drugs from a pharmacy
A police dog handler arrives on the scene to search the vacant building, followed by squad car with another two officers The mastiff sneaks up on the officer, but does not attack him when the officer shows affection to his K9 dog
The mastiff chases Stacy through several rooms before Stacy ends up hiding inside a from the dog Seeing them with a bag of his cash, he draws his gun on them and kills Walker
The neighbor did nothing to stop it, so Blue killed the neighbor and took the dog Stacy is hesitant to leave a life of crime
Harvey, Dennis 7 December 2017 Stacy is knocked out, but as he wakes finds the mastiff is stuck under the debris of the piano
Broomiley, Ness Saban, Shanan Becker Retrieved 23 July 2021