Dyson airwrap complete. Dyson Airwrap™ styler Complete

If I didn't already have the Dyson dryer, I wouldn't need it But it has turned out to be well worth the investment
Again I think it's a brilliant machine but just did not work on my fine hair
To create symmetrical curls, attach the clockwise barrel This tool works better than anything I have tried
I used the cool button to lock it in but it did not hold very long Delivery is Monday to Friday 9am — 6pm local time, not including statutory holidays
If I want super curly, I have other products that work better I wish I had a something smaller to carry the pieces in when traveling
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I bought the Airwrap Complete about a month ago With barrels to curl or wave hair, and brushes to smooth or volumise
Super jealous of the girls who know how to do that Just voluminous curls and waves
I like the bigger barrel the most for adding waves down to my ends As someone that already owns and loves the supersonic hairdryer I thought there was no way the mini supersonic attachment could compete…boy was I wrong! It takes time to section my hair, but once the curls are in, they stay in- when combed out they make great lovely waves that last all day and longer, all the way until the next time I wash my hair
I wanted it to work so I have tried a number of times and it does look great for a while but it does not hold up. I have the dryer and absolutely love it. With firm bristles engineered to control unruly, frizz-prone hair. I'm almost 60 yrs old with past shoulder length processed hair, so I love the way this styles without frying. Live chat Simply click the live chat icon to exchange messages with a Dyson Expert.