Gemischtes gulasch. Goulash or Gulasch

100 ml broth• 800 g onions diced• or — both are just amazing with goulash! some marjoram• Another side is rice, though less common or — and that really is the best side in my opinion — with dumplings
2 bell peppers washed, cleaned out and diced• see link Sides for Goulash Usually this is served with potatoes but very often, we have macaroni with this
1 tsp some caraway seeds• Our branch of german was Saxony
Dearest as my great grandparent came to the USA from Hungary in 1906 I got history from them Or how about a bottle of wine from France to make it even more European? 4 cloves garlic• 1 kg beef or pork for stew• There are so many variations of this meal, that everyone believes theirs it the original
4 tbsp I believe that bell peppers should be in a goulash Vienna or not and that is why I am always adding them
white wine vinegar• I can imagine that some younger Germans believe that Gulasch is traditionally German, since it is so common on our dinner table some tbsp sour cream• When we redid our kitchen, I made lots of goulashes and froze it, so while we could only use a microwave for weeks, we had this twice a week until the kitchen was finished
Gulasch with bell pepper … and talking about neighbors: Thanks to Italy, we often enjoy Gulasch with pasta instead of potatoes, not to mention their good red wine! 100 ml red wine• some oil for frying• 1 tsp tomato paste• That saves me a lot of time during the week! They add taste, color and — most important — vitamins It always comes out fine, minimum cooking time 2hrs if in a rush
However, that recipe, good as it is, has no bell peppers. Pin Goulash to Pinterest• ground paprika spice• Goulash make-ahead Meal When I cook Gulasch, I make a lot of it and freeze it. Germany is in the middle of Europe, so we get all kinds of delicious recipes from our neighbors and their neighbors. . . . .