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6 I 1 GDPR is listed If necessary, the flooring can also be easily disassembled - the laminate will not be affected
Informationen, wenn Sie die Website zuvor besucht haben• Usage data• In the production of a protective film, environmentally friendly and safe for health polymers and resins are used 79" 8 14
Laminate Flooring — Simple to Install, Robust and Easy to Clean Laminate flooring meets all expectations with regard to modern, personalised living 52 25 Year
User ID• IP address• We naturally also offer all of the required accessories, from skirting boards across impact sound insulation to cleaning aids information if you visited site before• Kronotex flooring is also a great solution for offices, commercial spaces, and hotels
Submit your with us and discover our unparalleled service and value when choosing any form of flooring or decking 79" 12 20
Laminate flooring options include dark colours, light natural browns, greys, and beiges Collect from JOHANNESBURG
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At this time Bestlaminate does not sell any personally identifiable customer information to any third party By embossing the planks with a nature-identical texture, laminate flooring looks just like real wood
KRONOTEX exports to more than 90 countries 6 1 a GDPR Location of Processing European Union Retention Period The data will be deleted as soon as they are no longer needed for the processing purposes
Browser Informationen• 472" 1290mm 50 Device information• As a result of their composition and manufacture, they are practically odourless and have extremely low emissions
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Floors Direct is the leading supplier of Kronotex in South Africa 45" 10mm 0
The collection has an unusual concept KRONOTEX Laminat — Floors for Living A laminate by KRONOTEX is at home everywhere — in homes and houses as well as in offices, shops or hotels
Laminate flooring thus predominantly comprises wood, a renewable raw material Processing company Matomo org
393" 1380mm 54 These eco-friendly floor coverings are simple to install, hard-wearing and easy to clean
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1 lit with timelessly elegant oak decors,• Laminate flooring is easily kept clean using wet or dry vacuuming;• IP Adresse• Sustainable and durable Kronotex is one of the biggest laminate flooring brands in the world
Antistatic properties SALE ex Johannesburg only for 60 m2 minimum orders
Resistant to fading Which is why KRONOTEX laminate floors have such an outstanding environmental footprint
CSS requests• Angesammelte Nutzungsdaten• We pride ourselves on our efficiency and we are dedicated to ensure that your floor installation surpasses all expectations Whether you prefer classic oak or a contemporary tile look, nature-identical wood styles or trendy adaptations, imaginative patterns or unicolours, high-gloss or matt: there are virtually no limits to your creativity with KRONOTEX laminate flooring
How can you keep laminate flooring clean? With the help of laminate flooring in this series, the floor will become the main art object of the room Analytics• 79" 10 17